What is it about 100 days in office?

By Nwagbo Donatus Olisaemeka

Over time, the idea of 100 days in office has been used to measure the success or failure of governments.

While famous American writer and author, Kenneth T. Walsh, believes that 100 days should not be the ideal yardstick to establish the success or otherwise of a leader or government, he still regards it as a functional device for measuring effectiveness

It should, however, be stressed that success in the first 100 days does not really translate into an enduring success afterward. In the same vein, initial difficulties do not, in any way, signify that a government is doomed to failure. It is neither here nor there, depending on the dynamics of the times and the personality of the political actors in charge.

In the political annals of Nnamdi Azikwe University Student Union Government, examples abound to reinforce this perspective. The administration of the popular Comrade Noble Eyisi clearly stands out as one that enjoyed early momentum but couldn’t actually translate it into a lasting phenomenon.

Within his first 100 days in office, the administration came out with well defined political and economic blueprints that were well applauded by a cross-section of Zikites. Ironically, by the time the administration was stampeded out of office by the then school administration, it has become a deficit in integrity on his excos and popularity of losing ones admission for the betterment of others went viral.

On the contrary, upon return of Oziem Precious administration was roundly attacked for being allegedly slow intending to critical issues of governance. However, by the time the administration eventually got its act together, it left behind enduring legacies such a good synergy between the school administration and the Union among others
History has, however, shown that it is possible for a government to begin well and also finish well. One typical example is that of Nwabueze Henry Nwambu administration which put smiles on the faces of Zikites and strengthen the students believe in the Union.

There came a regime led by Comrade Igwebuike Ikenna many are of the opinion that Union in Unizik went to bed some others praise his quietness as being a man of little words.

Unizik will still keep to heart the man behind the revival of the Student Union Government as said by many.It no other administration but Comrade Joseph Okafor led administration,who despite all odds came up victorious alongside applauding achievement.

From every indication, President Samuel Jude has demonstrated that he is also working along with the same enviable model of his illustrious predecessors who started well and finished well. In order to validate the Executive Order on a better Unizik.

On the day of the induction of Samuel Jude’s administration he did made a statement ; ” I will do ten times than the previous Government”
Just as a religious leaders reminding God of his words in the book of Job 22:28 “Declare a word a it shall come to Pass”
Does it really means that God keep to his words ?

Among these are the few projects executed by Samuel Jude led Administration in 100days in office.

1. Unizik Praise night that brought all unit of christain to Garuba square with A power packed Spirit filled Popular Gospel Artist Frek Umoh.
2. Creation of Unizik website that contains everything you need to know about the Union(http://Unizikstudents.com)
3. Lot of love on the(feature feeding of hostelite) 14th of Feb
4. DR.T 4th March
5. Empowering women through Health Education(feature distribution of ladies pad and alcohol sensitizer) 21st March
6. Unizik Project 28th Feb 2020
7. Unzik Freshers and Jubep night
8. 1st Movie night 18th Jan 2020
9. SUG Couple Contest 14 Feb 2020
10. 2nd movie night 7 March 2020
11. Go Clean Unizik
12. Unizik Olympics
13. Leveraging technology for life after school.
14. Two days Unizik Trade fair
15. Procurement of Union Bus
16. Tech Hub
17. Health Sensitization on teeth(feature distribution of tooth brush to all students in hostel)

Round the rose lies some thorns.
1. Change of management on the transportation Sector
2. Increase in school fees
3. ASSU strike
4. Corona break
Among others in which the president Samuel Jude is working hard to fix.

But above all God has still being Faithful.
Just as we have our praises we believe we also have our flaws and we open for improvement.
Thanks and still keep the Union in your prayers.

I remain your noble Unizik Pen….
Nwagbo Donatus Olisaemeka (SUG SEC Gen UNIZIK)