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Wednesday, 18th December, 2019 marks the lapse of tenure for the 26th Students’ Union Government of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and the inauguration of the 27th Students’ Union Government of this prestigious University ably led by Comrade Samuel Jude Chimuanya—the SUG President (Elect).

It has become pertinent that we give our students an idea of what they should expect from this new government.

Comrade Samuel Jude is among the rare class of leaders that believe that government is a social contract between the leaders and the led—it is an agreement between the government and the people (in this case, the students).

As already outlined in his manifesto which we will continue to make available to the general public, this government has a six (6) point agenda namely:

1. The Union Loan Scheme
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Academic
4. Health and Welfare
5. Scholarship scheme
6. Revamping of the Transport Sector

*How do we plan on achieving this?*

Money is a necessity among our students and the unavailability of the necessary funds hinders a lot of our students from doing a lot of things which includes raising capitals for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). So we plan on curbing this issue through the issuance of loans from the union coffers to our very own students.
Such loans would be granted to persons by the Feasibility of their proposed business plans, the sureties, and the accessibility and availability of their proposed sureties too.

The loan is designed to last for a maximum of six months or even less depending on the amount loaned out. This, I believe, would go a long way to assist our students in enjoying an easy capital security.

In addition, in our resolve to ensure an active government with active directorate, we shall ensure that our Directorate of Entrepreneur is active and functional with the aim of reducing financial dependency rate of our students and ensure that an average Zikite can fend for himself/herself.

This is in line with the president’s vision to encourage the greatest giants that it doesn’t end in obtaining degrees and certificates (which are very vital too) but we should know that having an entrepreneurship skill is helpful these days in the society beyond the school boundaries.

We shall achieve this through the encouragement, promotion and support of our student-entrepreneurs through the organization of necessary programs and giving of incentives to encourage their hard work.

We shall also utilize the business/skill-acquisition opportunities provided to us by the School authorities through the Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies.

We are also looking forward to organizing regular Congress/General Assemblies of our students at open places like Garba Square and MPH to enable us get opinions on vital issues and to avoid our government taking decisions that will affect our students without first seeking to know our students’ views on such matters.

In addition to that, plans are on the way for a successful establishment of The Directorate of Health, which would help in student’s accessibility to medical attentions.

The government would also promote academic excellence amongst our students. This will be achieved through an efficient *SUG ACADEMIC BOARD* which he plans on establishing as President. The board would organize and supervise academic programmes in the school like spelling bees; debates etc. which would definitely see winners in all the competition and would be awarded prizes as an encouragement.

Although we need the school authorities to do these things for us, we will also do our own part. For instance, our government under the Students’ Union Government (SUG) can decide to take up the project to fix all the fans and the bulbs in all the halls and classrooms.

The aim here is to assist our indigent students with scholarships. If it is possible in law faculty, it is possible in the union.

This is the most vital sector of the union. This administration would do anything possible to bring back the glory days of the transport sector. The sector will truly ensure the welfare of the students as regards to transport fare within and outside school.

*Cmrd Chukwuma Stanley C*

Signed ✒
*Comrd Samuel Jude Chimuanya*
SuG president-elect

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