An address by Unizik SUG Director Of Enterpreneur

My name is *Valentine Chika Keonyegwachie*, a student of the Department of History and International Studies.

On January 6th, 2020, I was appointed the Director of Entrepreneurship of the Students’ Union Government led by *Comrade Samuel Jude Chimuanya*.

Directorate Of Enterpreneur

I must say that it is an enormous privilege and honour to be trusted with the leadership of this Directorate and I am deeply conscious of this.

It is a mandate for reform and for investment in the future and it is also very clearly an instruction from the President to deliver.

I have learnt many things over the past three (3) years as a student of this prestigious University. I have, I believe, learnt from the mistakes as well as the good things.I have learnt the importance of team work, identifying a problem and providing solutions too.

But above all, I have learnt of the importance of establishing the clear priorities of the government, of setting them out clearly for the people and then focusing on them relentlessly, whatever events may come and go.

I believe there is a great obligation on us, on me, after appointment to tell people very clearly what are the difficult choices and challenges we face and how we will work our way through them and that I will do.

But then on top of that we need to start building the entrepreneurs of the future based on skills and talents and education and the application of technology.

With the surge of interest in the agricultural sector in Nigeria, a lot of entrepreneurs are taking on various areas of agriculture; disrupting and transforming it into viably successful endeavors. From maize farming, rice production to poultry farming and fishery. Farming is starting to recover its age-old respectable reputation. The Directorate will work on engaging students in this aspect.

Also, the Directorate will work on providing platforms for sponsoring ideas with the right business plan and proposal.

Again, mentorship programs which we would get successful alumni entrepreneurs and local business leaders in different fields to mentor students who want to go into those types of businesses.

Finally, the Directorate will strive to get the school to have an SME space where students can display their products and services.

I want to use this medium to congratulate my other directorate members and at the same time, assure them of my compliance towards team work and collaborative effort.

I want to thank God Almighty, The Vice Chancellor, The Dean of Students’ Affair, The SUG President, The Other Union Officials, The entire students of this prestigious University and the university community at large for this enormous opportunity to serve.

I pray the good Lord will see us through. God bless Unizik!

*Comrade Valentine Chika Keonyegwachie*.
Director of Entrepreneurship,
Students Union Government (SUG),
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.