Highlights on the just concluded DR-T event held at MPH Unizik

Highlights on the just concluded DR-T event held at MPH Unizik


This great event held on March 4, 2020, at Liberation Hall formally known as MPH. It was organized by the SUG in collaboration with The Dennis Project Show (TDPS). It centered around core issues about Drug Abuse and Rape. In a nutshell, the following points were made:

Drug Abuse is simply when you take drugs without the doctor’s permission and when you take an excess of it.

Rape is a situation whereby a male or a female is forced into sexual intercourse without his/her prior agreement.

Teenage Pregnancy is simply a girl between the ages of 11-19 is impregnated. Most times they get impregnated through rape.

When an individual smokes a wrap of marijuana(igboo), It spends about 30 days in his/her body. And, it also contains about 420 chemical substances, Tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC) being the main and most dangerous of all substances.

The five main places in Nigeria where marijuana is planted are Delta, Ondo, Edo, Ekiti, and Kwara state. It is nurtured for over 6months, with close inspection of its growth. The moment you cut a marijuana leaf from its tree, it dies immediately.

In order to help a DR-T victim, you need to show them love and care and do not insult or gossip about there predicament.

The main reasons why people smoke are as follows: Peer Pressure, Weather Conditions, To feel among, Family Disposition, Parents Influence, Environment, for Experimentation, and also, Your Choice.

We could stop drug abuse on our campuses through Sensitization, by reporting guilty individuals and by forming vanguards.

Shisha is not a bad substance, unless, it contains a specie of marijuana called SK.

It’s wrong to mix marijuana with hair creams in the name of hair growth. But, an extract is used in the making of this hair creams.

The following hot-lines we have given in cases of DR-T. TDPS(07038106715), NDLEA(08182070209, 07012442252, 08152880312, 08161263337), Dr. Kingsley( 08171880630) and DSS(07064499436)

It was indeed a success. And, a kind of programme to always look out for.