Inauguration of the 27th Unizik SUG Executives, SRC and SJC


Inauguration of the 27th Unizik SUG Executives, SRC and SJC

Inauguration of the 27th SUG Executives, Student’s Representative Council and Student Judiciary Council; 18th December, 2019

Our institution witnessed the beginning of a land mark on yesterday 18th December 2019 as the 27th house of the Students Union Government were inaugurated.

In the presence of the honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Charles Esimone who commended the efforts of the outgoing Excos whilst congratulating the incoming with words of support.

The past administration witnessed capable leaders who successfully influenced every part of the students life, in terms of:
• Transportation (Bus-Stand)
• Socio-Economic growth (Operation Go-Clean UNIZIK)
• Cultural Heritage (Oji-ofor Festival)
• Health care (World Malaria Day commemoration)
• Students welfare (Lunch with Students); amongst all others, which all happened to align with the United Nations set out Sustainable Development Goals worthy of applaud.


The 27th House is totalled by insightful capacities who would not only shoot for continuity but will exceed every limit set for it positively and judiciously.

While assuring the entirety of Students that every delicate detail of their social, academic and overall lives will be protected and covered as they’ve vowed to protect the interests and welfare of the students.

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*✍🏽Yours In Service,*
*Rotr. Comr. CHUKWUMA STANLEY C (StanC)*
Public Relations officer