It’s so unfortunate how Nigerian youths cry on daily basis; the government this, the government that, Buhari this, Buhari that, economy this, economy that.

Truth be told, the nation is a mess. But, the nation is not a building nor a personality. It’s a collection of individuals.

So, if the nation is fucked up, then a higher percentage of the individuals making up the nation are also fucked up.

The main question is, are you f*cked up?

It’s obvious you’re a little bit skeptical about the question. Now, I present to you a formula that clears all doubt, and open doors for a better life.

The awesome act of self-development.

In this post, I will be exploring this awesome craft.

Do well to read to the end, in order to earn maximum value from this piece.

Let’s go.

What is self-development? You may ask. Okay.

It’s simply the deliberate process of continual addition of positive value to one’s self so as to increase your worth. That’s all.

Self development

I will be breaking down the above definition, so that you may understand better. In that vain, let’s talk on the following key words and key phrases:

1. Deliberate
2. Process
3. Continual
4. Increase your worth

Without much talks, let’s gain value

1. Deliberate

Self-development is not one of those must-do’s, or naturally occurring events or traits in humans. It has to be intentional. It has to be planned. It has to be nurtured. And, it has to be watched.

The moment you stop intentionally trying to increase your value, it’s no longer self-development.

Give yourself at least an hour every day to add value to your life. In no distant time, you will be grateful you came across this piece.

2. Process

The act of self-development is a journey, and not a destination. It’s like a wayfarer who keeps seeing positive advancement tags during his journey. But, never gets to his destination.

Why is this so? You may ask. This is because, for the fact you’re alive, there is need for self-development.

The instance you stop adding value to yourself and start feeling you have reached your destination; you start devaluating.

Never stop.

3. Continual

Seize the slightest moments to become more valuable. In the train, in the bus, in the cab, and anywhere you find yourself.
You can never predict what’s coming next. Your next conversation. Your next interview question, and so on.

Have you ever calmed down to analyze and understand why Bill Gates at his middle sixties still tries to add value to his corporation? Mind you, he recently moved from the fourth, to the second richest human in the world.

He understands the importance of continually becoming more valuable.

4. Increase your worth

Every human on earth wants to be worthful. Everyone wants to be worth your time, your audience, your attention, and so on. But, does this come in a platter of gold? No, no and definitely no. You have to work it out through continual self-development.


As I will always say

, ” no matter what happens always make sure you’re relevant, unless you want to be treated like shit.” To be relevant is not by merit or luck; it’s by deliberately striving to earn it.

In conclusion, you might like my writing, or love the way I structure my words, or even the way I use words. But, my sole aim and perspective is that you make a positive step today, in order to amplify your self and make a positive impact in your environ.

Hope you enjoyed it. Like, comment and share to the people you love.

Have an awesome weekend ahead.


Godspower Eze

Godspower Eze (300l student of Computer Science Department, Physical science faculty, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka)

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