unizik on world poetry day

Spare Africa


They sell us for gold
So we are on hold,
They exchange us for oil
So we are the soil,
They traffic us for sex
We are the climax,
Spare us, Oh corona.

We are the laboratory
Our organs are rare,
It is mandatory
Because we are bare,
They buy us for labour
Because we are strong,
Please spare Africa, hurricane.

Our skulls are in museums
And our skeletons in galleries
Our heritage is pain
And their inheritance, gain
Spare Africa, oh disaster.

Leaders, lead themselves
Followers, follow one another,
Politicians, pound
Religionists, reprimand
Academicians, abolish
The society is in disarray,
Please you have to spare Africa.

Hunger thrives, thirst survives
Starvation learns, humiliation yearns
Exploitation sustains, violation maintains
Lack, want, need, poverty, all boom
Hope fasts, faith waits
Corona, corona, if you have sense,
You would spare Africa.

Choices are lean, options are same
Alternatives linger, compromise is deadly
Songs come from wrong gong
Cries, from angelic voices
Rhythms, harp against future
Melodies lambaste harmonies
Corona you don’t have to torture Africa.

Well of blood, blood in wells
Oil boiling, boiling oil
Minerals for funerals
Funerals for minerals
Sacrifices against talents,
Rituals fighting gifts
Spare Africa, whatever corona.

If you have eyes
You will see the African coronavirus
Corona birth, corona survival
Corona life, corona death
Enough of the corona
Spare Africa, spare Africa.

No interest, no eagerness
No passion, no patriotism
No selflessness, no service
No love, no nationalism
No knowledge, no oneness
No values, moral decadence
No steadfastness, no peace
War, war, and violence
Abuse, abuse, and misuse
Looting, looting, and loots
Corruption, hate, bigotry
Backwardness, unemployment
Greed, chameleonism
Dirtiness, ungodliness
Africa already has enough coronavirus

If you have sense, spare Africa
If you had sens cane, you would spare Africa
If you have no sense, still spare Africa
Listen, coronavirus, coronavirus
Africa must be spared!
Writer’s forum must be safe
We all must be safe