unizik world poetry day

The World Is A Scene

unizik world poetry day

O! The world is decaying
Transforming and fast running
And the end is still delaying
The weight of evil is now on a huge height
Recession has become the state’s fate

Corruption is no longer the big case
Viruses have come to swipe the earth of its feet
Everyone now runs on a great pace
How long will it take for the universe to get rid of this fate
Goods, materials and even smiles here are all fake

O! Where’s the sweet old days
The child now looks his father in the face
Gray hair is no longer an attribute of old age
Virtue has long lost its place and worth
People now eat where they labored not

O! where is the sweet old days
The world now suffers in deceit
Our world now suffers a great plague
Thieves no longer operate at night
We’re now reading from the last page

O! The earth has gone back to darkness
Why are electric poles standing if it will not bring light
Everyone has been subjected to bitterness
Why does the Mother and daughter have to fight
People no longer pass through the hard paths to greatness

O! Where is the sweet old days
Justice is no longer found in court
Ever since we elected change
Men no longer go for women but fellow men

O! What a scene the world has turn


200L Political Science