world poetry day celebration at unizik

In Commemoration of world poetry day

In Commemoration of world poetry day

A day the whole celebrate the beauty of poetry.
A day the lyrics and amazing effects of poetry are appreciated over the world.
I love dancing in the oceans of poems.
I love being a student of poetry.
Poetry is a school I will never graduate from.
A union that can never be separated.

The way of its patterns
And how letters form different syllables to form different words
And how they are systematically arranged to the style and choice of the poet distinguishes it from other writing.

It is an avenue where emotions are expressed without the fear of whose ox is gored.
The music in you, unsung, yet so fervent yo
tingle within the notes in the air unwritten on sheets.
Reasonable or unreasonable your lyrics keep enriching the soul

Your juxtaposition between idealism and
realism flavors thy sweetness.

Thy free verse, sonnet, haiku, list, are like a
violin in the hands of a skilled violinist.
so many songs from the tip of one bow
I live, breath, dream poetry, in syllables
so sweet they tantalize my mind Tie and
untie my tongue so I have no choice but
try to tell of its complexity.