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Physically present, Emotionally absent; Parents

Physically present, Emotionally absent; Parents

unizik world poetry day

Secure the bag. It is no doubt that relationships are the most valued currency. Relationships are channels through which wealth is streamed. If that be true, then the bag to be secured should be relationships and one of such which I believe is of great importance is the relationship between parents and children.

The family is the smallest unit of society.
Without families, there are no societies.
If the families are morally bankrupt, society will certainly be.

Sadly, the roles of the family are alarmingly relegated to other units like the schools and churches with more work pushed to the school.

You hear parents ask schools in uncertain terms to train their children for them because they pay huge sums as school fees. That makes me wonder if a child gets spoilt, is it the teacher that the society points fingers at or the parents? Whose surname does the child bear?
Your answer I believe tallies with mine.

We are raising children with absentee parents. Families with physically present but emotionally absent parents.

Parents who hire people without verifiable values to take care of their children’s needs.

Parents who do not care about their children’s attitudes towards education and life in general.

Parents who flaunt their children on social media yet hide them at live events for fear of being embarrassed.

Parents who wouldn’t spare a minute to communicate with their kids yet spend hours gisting and/or brainstorming with board members.

Parents who have monopolized the television watching their favorite programs regardless of the impact on their kids.

Parents who spend a lot on physical and material things but cry broke whenever it pertains to the mind and personality development.

The people we employ to stay with our children, do their values augur with the ones we project towards them? From the nannies to the drivers to the extracurricular activity tutor, how often do we engage them in conversations?

Are we so in a rush to drop off those children in the school that we don’t engage them to know what goes round in their circle of friends?
What new slang have they picked up? Do you communicate with your children or you only talk to them?
Do you know what goes on in their heads?
Are you content with the automatic “fine” response to questions about their school day or you probe deeper?
What traits have they picked up that will be detrimental to their future?

Are you a friend they can boast of or a dictator they are scared of?

You may be thinking you are raising a great child whereas someone out there is countering your efforts but because you have been too busy in your own world, you wake up one day to realize your child is far gone.

The one great investment you can ever make is in your children.
You cannot be a CEO and be raising an employee as a result of your careless parenting.

What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose it in the hands of the people who should have carried on the legacy?
You wouldn’t want them to make some mistakes your involvement in their lives could have avoided.

You cannot be a leading salesperson and your child at 10 years cannot make a simple sales speech.
You cannot be a renowned Lawyer and your child at 8 cannot intelligently drive her points home.
You cannot be a smart computer technician and your child at 7 cannot use enough computer short cuts or fix computer problems.
You cannot be a hairstylist and at 6, your child cannot braid.
You cannot be a librarian and at 5 your child cannot read.

No one is saying they have to tow your path but I believe you are getting the drill.

Be Intentional and take conscious actions in your parenting today!

Chinwe Nwofor.ECPE 300l.